May 26, 2015

Become an Organ Donor

organ-donorsThe need for organ donation among minorities is an often overlooked issue. Nationwide, there are more than 32,500 African Americans, 20,000 Hispanics and 7,500 Asian Americans on the wait list for organ transplants. However, last year, there were only 4,400 minority organ donors. That’s where the Durham-based nonprofit Community Health Coalition comes in. They’re raising awareness in Durham about the need for minority organ donors. Click here to learn more about the organ donation process. 

 Click here to learn about Rudolph Harris, who received an organ donation thanks to CHC. Harris is encouraging minorities to become organ donors. Thanks to WNCN for covering this important issue.

In North Carolina, African Americans make up 21.4 percent of North Carolina’s overall population, but represent 52 percent of North Carolinians waiting for an organ transplant. Click here to take the first step in becoming a donor. 



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