April 2, 2015

Behind The Scenes: Meals on Wheels

I got the chance earlier this week to go check out Meals on Wheels of Durham. While at MOW, I met Wendy and Joanne, two dedicated Meals on Wheels volunteers. We spent a few minutes together at MOW, where I learned that Wendy and Joanne are neighbors who wanted to serve their neighbors. Click here to learn how YOU can impact seniors at Meals on Wheels.  Keep scrolling to read more.


Joanne started volunteering at MOW as a substitute driver. Now, she and Wendy drive together each Tuesday to deliver meals. Joanne told me driving a volunteer route for MOW helped her learn about Durham and its rich history. Now, Joanne and Wendy deliver at the Durham Hosiery Mill Apartments downtown. Here’s the menu for the month of April; the day I visited, chicken parmesan was served to MOW clients.


Wendy is wheelchair-bound, so Joanne and Wendy work together so they can both volunteer. Wendy drove her van, and Joanne and I set off to deliver meals. The duo typically passes out free copies of The Herald-Sun to neighbors. Both Joanne and Wendy mentioned delivering meals helps Durham’s seniors live independently and communicate with the outside world. Several of their clients have lived in Durham for years and are a wealth of information about the city’s rich history, including its tobacco heritage.



Wendy and Joanne made sure to double-check their route info and meals before they left. They say volunteering has enriched friendships with each other and with MOW clients. Volunteers deliver more than just a meal; they can also check on Durham’s seniors if they are in need. Joanne recalled helping get a client’s phone back in working order–an important lifeline for a homebound senior.


Each client we visited was grateful for their meal and happy to see their weekly volunteer. Click here to learn more about MOW and how YOU can get involved.


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