Disconnected Youth

Nearly 20,000 students in Durham’s schools live below the poverty line, have poor emotional health or parent too early.

The Power of Mentorship

Learn more about about how you can impact the life of a youth in Durham.  There are nearly 20,000 youth in Durham who could benefit from the power of mentorship.  Only two percent of Durham’s adults are mentors.  Keep scrolling to learn more.

There are several different ways you can impact a youth through mentorship.  

Keep scrolling to learn more.

Meet Kevin, who decided to become a mentor.  Mentors impacted his life while growing up, and he wanted to pay it forward.  Watch how he’s impacting the lives of dozens of youth through mentorship and his passion for music.

Mentorship can play a variety of roles in a youth’s life.  You can impact a youth through character development, academic mentorship and overall well-being.  There are several organizations you can volunteer with; watch the video to learn where you can plug in.

“Just getting to see what’s already in her and being able to partner with her and see that come out of her and  to see her develop, it has been an honor, a privilege, a joy.”-GO:MENTOR Volunteer

Click the infographic below to learn more about Disconnected Youth in Durham.




Click to watch this news story from WNCN to learn how you can mentor a disconnected youth in Durham.  You’ll learn how Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle mentors youth to help them reach their full potential.

“I began volunteering here because of a class assignment.  After I completed my assignment, I still found myself coming to volunteer.  Being able to help and give back to the community is very fulfilling.”-John Avery Boys & Girls Club Volunteer


Mentorship – Character Development

Check out Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle, which builds lasting relationships with youth in Durham. Big Brothers Big Sisters also focuses on several areas of mentorship, including well-being and nutrition.

Mentorship – Character Development

Check out the John Avery Boys & Girls Club and ways you can impact the lives of elementary, middle and high school students.  Volunteers implement Boys & Girls Club programs and can also start a class based on their interests.

Mentorship – Character Development

Click to learn how you can impact youth through the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club.  The club focuses on teaching youth real-world tools they’ll need to succeed.  The club works with dozens of students each day and needs volunteers to carry out their work.

Mentorship – Academics

Sign up to become a mentor through the Durham YMCA’s Y Learning program, which emphasizes academic mentorship for Durham’s students.

Mentorship – Academics

Volunteer to help Durham’s youth become stronger students in school through Communities in Schools of Durham.  You can become an academic mentor or make sure parents have the tools they need for their children to succeed.


Support Mentorship – Academics

Support mentorship efforts through the Durham YMCA’s Y Learning program.  Communities in Schools of Durham also impacts youth through empowering students to stay in school.

Support Mentorship – Character Development

Donate to impact Big/Little relationships through Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle to reach youth on a deeper level.  The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club and John Avery Boys & Girls Club provide after-school opportunities for youth.

Support Mentorship – Wellness

Consider donating to impact the lives of 3rd to 5th grade girls in the Triangle.  $200 will sponsor a girl for the Girls on the Run of the Triangle program, which empowers girls to be joyful and confident through running.

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    Thousands of youth in Durham live without a mentor of any sort–that’s where you come in.

    What can be done to improve the lives of Durham’s youth? What motivates people to volunteer? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Let’s start a conversation on how we can best care for Durham’s youth.

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