People who live in Durham need access to affordable healthcare.  Ensuring that residents have access to healthcare makes for a healthier Durham.  Healthcare touches all aspects of someone’s life, including mental and physical health.  Focusing on healthcare will help the city thrive.

We need your insight:

Your help is critical in building the content in this key issue area. Please leave a comment below and share with your friends.

What do you think the issues are facing healthcare?

 What programs within organizations have you seen providing sustainable and positive impact in healthcare?

What opportunities do you know of in Durham where other residents and institutions can get plugged in and make a difference?

DurhamCares’ approach:

We believe the solutions and assets for Durham to build a thriving city are already here and many are already hard at work. We believe it all starts with deploying our most critical asset, which is people who live in Durham actively caring and loving our neighbors through dignifying and empowering ways.

Many residents and local institutions have taken ownership to transform the city by using their resources, strengths, intelligence, diversity, passion and wisdom to accomplish sustainable, holistic work in our communities.  Examples of fellow citizens, businesses and community groups making positive impacts through their everyday lives have inspired others to replicate these transformational acts of service.

DurhamCares informs the community through research-based landscapes of key, locally-identified, issues/opportunities, inspires the community by highlighting successful solutions that are currently being implemented and are easily replicable, and connects Durham to community-driven service and development opportunities which leverage individual, business, and church-based assets to achieve a sustainable impact.


DurhamCares depends heavily on our local expert service providers to author the landscape and scope of key issues in Durham in order to shine a brighter light on these areas.  That way, the greater Durham community can better understand the current issue, highlight what is currently being done, who is working in this space and give Durham action steps to support and get involved in the most strategic areas. We’re working on developing the best path for gathering the information, making it consumable for the masses, marketing it effectively and inspiring the community to drive engagement. Our process includes gathering as many stakeholders (non-profits, local government and businesses) working in this specific space to discuss the current issue in order to map the full scope of the need in Durham. We take this information and create a storyboard of the landscape and then create infographics that can be distributed electronically as well as live on our website where people can learn more about the issue, find out who is currently working in this space and drill down further on key opportunities to get involved.


DurhamCares is working to capture local examples of solutions in action in a variety of formats ranging from videos, photojournalist pieces, news stories, blogs, to case studies.  We want to feature Durham community members, volunteers, community groups and or businesses that have come alongside a nonprofit, school, neighborhood, etc. to invest their strengths, time, skills and resources to better love their neighbor in Durham.


  • What organizations have you seen involved in healthcare?
  • Do you know of opportunities to impact healthcare?

Guide to success:

  • All Durham residents are assets and critical in our future success
  • Investment in dignified relationships is the foundation to any successful community-driven activities
  • Communicate the real need in Durham
  • Inspire Durham community to act
  • Showcase solution in action currently being implemented in Durham
  • Clear call to action for Durham community

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  1. Elizabeth Poindexter

    People in Durham need access to affordable healthcare. Ensuring that residents have access to healthcare makes for a healthier Durham.

    Let’s start a conversation here to share best practices in healthcare.

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