In a typical year, more than 3,000 people experience homelessness in Durham.

The Invisible Majority

More than 89% of Durham’s homeless are temporarily homeless, meaning they transition from homelessness, to shelters, to permanent housing.  Scroll to find out more.


Circles of Support is a one-year network of support program to help families who are transitioning out of homelessness into an affordable home.  Tasha Melvin, with Genesis Home, coordinates the Circles of Support program.

Scroll down to watch a video on how Rapid Rehousing and Circles of Support move people out of homelessness.


“Genesis Home is a bright spot. I volunteer because Genesis Home has a 25-year track record of helping families move to permanent housing and secure living wages.

I have heard the success stories firsthand, and I am always in awe of the fortitude of those women, men and kids.”–Volunteer

Rapid Rehousing & Circles of Support help the homeless navigate transitioning to a stable home.

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Learn how Jonai Curry and her family transitioned from homelessness to affordable housing thanks to Rapid Rehousing and Circles of Support, a partnership between Housing for New Hope, Genesis Home, Durham Interfaith Hospitality Network and Urban Ministries of Durham.

The homeless experiences several challenges that can push them over the edge into homelessness.

You can help with job training, transitional housing and establishing a network of support for Durham’s homeless.

Click on the infographic below to learn more about Homelessness in Durham.




Click to watch this news story from WRAL to learn how your donations can help end homelessness in Durham. You’ll see how Urban Ministries of Durham works to make Durham’s homeless more self-sufficient.

“When I go home, I mostly feel like I have helped people, and most are so grateful.”-Urban Ministries  of Durham Volunteer


Journey Programs

Help Durham’s homeless set goals, become more self-sufficient and transition to affordable housing in less than 90 days through Urban Ministries of Durham.

Rapid Rehousing

Rapid Rehousing program is a one-day volunteer opportunity to help a family transition from a homeless shelter to affordable housing, through nonprofit Housing for New Hope.

Circles of Support

Circles of Support is a year-long network of support to help families transition from homelessness to affordable housing.  You can join a Circle of Support through Genesis Home, which serves homeless families in Durham.


Rapid Rehousing

Your donation will go toward helping move a homeless family to affordable housing in less than a day.  Rapid Rehousing is a program of nonprofit Housing for New Hope.

Circles of Support

You can donate to Circles of Support to keep a family afloat during its first year in affordable housing. Genesis Home facilitates the Circles of Support program.

Journey Programs

Your donate can support Urban Ministries of Durham, which has several programs that help the homeless transition to housing in 90 days.  The Journey Programs include goal setting, self-sufficiency, job training and a program for veterans.

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    On any given night, more than 800 people end up homeless in Durham. What do you think could be done to help those families?

    Leave a comment to let us know–let’s start a conversation with innovative, thoughtful ideas to end homelessness in Durham.

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