October 22, 2014

Education Series Part 2 – Meet Jasmine

The first time I met Jasmine, she was clad in scrubs, rather than the standard school uniform. She confidently reached to shake my hand and willingly agreed to share her educational experience in Durham. Immediately, she struck me as much older than her 15 years of age.


I was visiting The Durham Performance Learning Center (PLC), a branch of Communities In Schools of Durham, where Jasmine attends high school.

She quickly explained that she wore scrubs because she is taking classes in cosmetology and would soon receive her license.

Jasmine is on track to graduate early from The Durham PLC, a full two years ahead of traditional high school. In May, she will receive both a high school diploma and license in cosmetology.

She never would have expected to accomplish so much by the age of 15, but The Durham PLC has helped her to see her full potential, Jasmine said.

“They always say, ‘never say you can’t do something’,” she said. “And then they are always right.”

Jasmine’s story represents the reality of hundreds of other young women in Durham and demonstrates that every child in our community has the potential to succeed no matter the circumstances.

As she prepares for graduation, Jasmine is applying to North Carolina Central University in hopes of continuing her education.

Over the next few months we will learn more about Jasmine’s endeavors and invite you to follow along. As Jasmine shares her story, we hope to hone in on the ways that we can create positive change in the community.

Jasmine is just one of many students in our community who attends The Durham PLC. You can support students like her by donating school supplies and uniforms. Learn more about The Durham PLC and Communities In Schools by visiting their website.

Hannah Freyaldenhoven

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