Mobilizing Community

Soon after DurhamCares was founded it identified key issue areas to direct its efforts at informing, inspiring and connecting the Durham community. We have had various initiatives that produced content about these issues. That content can be found in the pages for each of the issue areas.

One of our strategies has been launching collaborative marketing campaigns. Below is a description of how we conduct those efforts.

Building the Team: We convene 8-12 expert services providers to author a larger narrative of an issue area, identify clear calls to action that make an impact and equip them to collaborate together during a 3-4 month marketing campaign.

Communication Strategy: We create easily digestible content in formats such as: infographics, videos, news stories, and blogs to build awareness of key issues. DurhamCares ascribes to founded marketing tactics by using a time-bound campaign and tailoring calls to action to specific audiences. By leveraging multiple channels, we create touch points with these audiences to increase community mobilization.

Through our campaigns we have reached millions of people, raised over one hundred thousand dollars for nonprofits, and mobilized hundreds of volunteers.