April 28, 2015

Senior PharmAssist: Lezley’s Story

SPAEarlier this month, we got the chance to meet Lezley Two Bears, a client at Senior PharmAssist. Lezley retired from her job in human services and moved to Durham a few years ago. Since then, she connected with Senior PharmAssist, which she credits as helping her family save hundreds of dollars each month. Click here to learn how you can volunteer and get involved.

Lezley first heard about Senior PharmAssist from her sister and decided to learn more since her family lives with several medical issues, including diabetes, chronic pain, and high blood pressure. Lezley credits Senior PharmAssist with saving their lives.

Before finding Senior PharmAssist, Lezley said her family paid upwards of $75 a month for just one of several prescriptions, and now that cost has been reduced to $20 a month. She also mentioned a $2,000 a month medicine has also been substantially reduced thanks to better understanding coverage. Lezley said spending that amount of money each month would have drastically cut into other aspects of their livelihood, including food and rent.

Lezley credits Senior PharmAssist’s pharmacists and staff with advice on navigating Medicare. “Everyone comes in glassy-eyed and leaves relieved,” she said. Lezley was impressed by the pharmacist’s ability to listen to her family’s needs, encouragement to be an advocate for her own health, and that they took her requests and concerns seriously.

Learn more about Senior PharmAssist, including volunteer opportunities, by clicking here.


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