October 28, 2014

Volunteer – Elementary School

Durham’s elementary school students have years of schooling ahead of them.  The Durham community has an opportunity to set the groundwork for years to come by volunteering.  During elementary school, students are building the basics.  Understanding the basics will ensure success later in life.

Day 2


There are several nonprofits in Durham that impact elementary school students.  Supporting parents, increasing literacy and math skills and celebrating success are all good ways to encourage our elementary school students.

To get started, check out the Emily K Center’s Pioneer Scholars program.  Get involved with East Durham Children’s Initiative, or volunteer alongside Communities in Schools of Durham.  To support literacy efforts, check out Book Harvest.  There are 180 open volunteer opportunities with these organizations; do your part to impact Durham’s schools.


nature conservancy

Shoutout to The Nature Conservancy for volunteering with Book Harvest for Make a Difference Day!

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