October 29, 2014

Volunteer – High School

As we continue our blog series this week, we’re looking into the impact of education all the way from cradle to career.  Volunteering makes a difference every step of the way, and benefits of volunteering during earlier phases of life pay off in high school.  For instance, encouraging strong literacy habits during early childhood can help high school students pass courses when they get to the ninth grade.

Day 4


Ninth grade is considered a make-or-break year in high school; passing or failing a course weighs heavily on the odds of high school graduation.  Check in with the Durham Literacy Center to find out how literacy efforts, even in high school, can make a difference.  Student U encourages students to do their best academically and to build strong, positive character traits.  The Emily K Center has opportunities for you to encourage students on their journey to college.

Additionally, several Durham-based nonprofits work to encourage students as they approach entering the workforce or college.  Rebound, Alternatives for Youth, works with high school students who have been short-term suspended.  Achievement Academy of Durham works with high school students who face pressure of dropping out.  Get involved and let’s do our part to support Durham’s schools.


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