October 28, 2014

Volunteer – Middle School

Middle school is a critical time in any student’s life.  Students are learning about time management skills, face more rigorous academics, and are developing character traits.  Those aspects of middle school often carry students into a successful high school experience.

Day 3


There are more than 8,400 middle school students in Durham, and about two-thirds of those students are not at grade level in math or reading.  The good news is there are 200 open volunteer opportunities this fall with Citizen SchoolsCommunities in Schools of Durham & Student U.  Also, check out the Rotary Club of Durham’s Reading Rangers program to impact literacy.



  1. Last summer, our Achievement Academy reading tutors worked with middle school students at Durham’s Project BUILD. The bad news: So many were years behind grade level in reading when we started. The GREAT news: A few hours of intensive, one-on-one tutoring was, in many cases, enough to turn things around by teaching a few basic reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and attention focusing skills. Volunteer tutors can make a huge difference at the middle school level!

  2. Elizabeth Poindexter

    That’s fantastic news to hear! Thanks so much for sharing. You’re right–Achievement Academy’s fantastic work pays off in the long-term for Durham’s high school students and beyond. Volunteers make a difference! Check out these openings where you can plug in RIGHT NOW with Achievement Academy:


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