What We Do

Programs and Initiatives

Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope – Not a pilgrimage to some new place – rather, a way of seeing life as pilgrimage in the place we call home, Durham, NC. Through a weekend immersion and discussion groups, we will learn from people and sites in the city as we connect place with our own spiritual journey. This is a partnership with the Duke Center for Reconciliation. Registration is open – more information can be found here.

Events and Workshops – The Christian Community Development Breakfast Series: a gathering every two months of local practitioners who are seeking to live out the principles of Christian Community Development. Mobilization Events: Events and workshops throughout the year that focus on key issues in Durham, highlight good work that’s happening, and foster best practices for community work.

Church Mapping Initiative – A dynamic, multi-faceted map of Durham churches that serves as a bridge to connect the churches with each other and the community.

Mission and Outreach Consulting – A partnership between DurhamCares and a congregation to help the congregation develop a robust, Biblical framework for engaging more deeply with its community.