At DurhamCares we believe that whole communities with whole people call for holistic care.

Church Mobilization

Connecting and equipping churches for community flourishing.


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  1. Feb 22

    East Durham Church Breakfast

    8:00 AM-9:00 AM

  2. Feb 28

    Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Pilgrimage

    3:00 PM-4:00 PM

  3. Feb 29

    Bragtown Church Breakfast

    8:00 AM-9:00 AM


“For the first time in my journey – my faith, pain and hope can join a river of movement for a purpose that is greater than my life…I am deeply grateful.”

– Pilgrimage Participant

“I’ve been inspired by DurhamCares to collaborate, to reach out, and to build a greater network that can accomplish a greater good.”

– Church Mobilization Network Pastor

“The pilgrimage helped remind me that my place is bigger than just my house. Durham is my home.”

– Pilgrimage Participant

“The events they do raise awareness and build community in really special ways.”

– Event Participant

“This will serve as a monument throughout my time in Durham…the best next step in my journey. There’s a lot I’ve been learning since I moved here…The pilgrimage grounded that as well as spurred it on to more depth and seriousness.”

-Pilgrimage Participant

“DurhamCares helped us think about all that God was doing in our church and our community and challenged us to say ‘How can we be a part of that?’”

– Consulting Participant


Angel Brown Shares About the Trinity School Pilgrimage

Angel Brown, Diversity Coordinator, Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill I went on the Durham Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope for the second time, this time with high school students from Trinity. I wanted to take these students on the Pilgrimage because a lot of them...

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