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Caring for your neighbors in holistic ways is a lifelong journey that requires ongoing growth and development for individuals and communities. We provide resources to educate and equip all the residents of Durham with practical ways to get involved, insights on pressing issues, and theological content to help you live a life that reflects the whole gospel.

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Learn about opportunities to care for your neighbors in holistic ways.

Events and Workshops

Visit our events page to learn more about events and workshops throughout the year.


Want to go deeper? DurhamCares will partner with your congregation in a four-month consulting relationship that includes workshops, interviews, and surveys that help your congregation discover how you can be part of God’s mission in your community.


CCDA Immerse Curriculum

This new curriculum walks you through the eight key components of Christian Community Development. It includes the foundations of each component, lessons, and videos of practitioners.

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What is Christian Community Development?

The eight key components of Christian Community Development (CCD) make up a ministry philosophy birthed out of decades of work to address systemic poverty and injustice from within communities that have been marginalized.

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